Our approach

DARE helps companies create and execute a fresh vision, embedding it into every individual, every team and every department in a way that creates genuine transformation and success.

We know every company has different challenges, so our thinking is always unique and adaptive but based on core areas of expertise that harness innovative diagnostics to collect human data and apply analytics to culture, leadership and HR. After all, you can only rewrite the rulebook if you already know it inside out.

Our areas of expertise

Culture Prism

DARE helps companies really understand the DNA of their culture. Very often the long-term success of a change strategy is undermined by systemic cultural challenges. A focus on structures, processes and systems can critically overlook whether the culture is ready, and just thinking ‘engagement’ isn’t enough. We help organisations avoid these pitfalls by using sophisticated diagnostic tools to get a 3D view on where they are today, and the insight to know what needs to happen to make transformation truly stick.


How organisations optimise the rich vein of talent they have – the people who are the real shapers – is crucial to the successful businesses of tomorrow. DARE can help senior stakeholders take a fresh look at often entrenched processes, by offering a very different approach to defining what leadership means, and ultimately help to find the visionaries, the torch-bearers, the human catalysts of positive change. Using our simple, yet powerful tools, companies can shape the core attributes and drivers that create a more profound impact.

CEO Counsel

DARE acts as strategic advisers to CEOs looking for an experienced and independent ‘voice’ to shed light on their challenges. We believe that CEO’s needs have moved beyond traditional coaching or mentoring, so we see ourselves as their personal Board. We’re prepared to challenge assumptions, and ask difficult questions, to enable CEOs to fine tune their priorities – whether that is from a people and culture or a change perspective. The loyalty of our clients, and the referrals we get, speak volumes for the value we bring.


DARE’s knowledge of all aspects of the HR world, especially for large global organisations, is extensive. In fact we wrote the book on it (literally). And that’s why our consultancy can help HR teams rewrite the rules, and rethink the approaches and processes needed, to be more effective in the future. We make HR teams uncomfortable and yet excited at the same time. We bet that our view of HR and what it can do will make you rethink what’s possible in your world.

Workshops and Speaking

Need some fresh thinking? DARE can create and facilitate interactive workshops that help you see company strategy and leadership effectiveness differently.

Looking for inspiration and a distinctive point of view for your event? DARE’s CEO, Rita Trehan, is a renowned industry speaker who can create presentations and speak at company seminars or industry events to generate buzz and food for thought.

Unleashing Capacity

HR directors not only supply the human resources; they have the ability to drive the changes needed to propel an organisation into an entirely new means of operation. Whether an organisation has five employees or fifty thousand, viewing the business through the lens of capacity is the only way to win. Author Rita Trehan has distilled her experience as a global leader at Honeywell and AES Corporation into a series of easily digestible chapters to help today’s HR professionals attain – and keep – a seat at the corporate decision-making table.