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Rita Trehan has called on her experience as a global leader at Honeywell and AES Corporation, to date Rita has written 2 books and co-authored a third. 
They are all designed to help today's HR professional attain and keep a seat at the corporate decision-making table.

Unleashing Capacity

The tools and capabilities available to today's HR professionals provide a unique position that, when used correctly, can lead to that all-important--and highly coveted--role at the leadership table. But how to get there?

Trehan offers specific strategies for reframing the HR professional's understanding of their role within the company, including viewing the corporation not from the HR fishbowl, but rather from the vantage point of the CEO's office.

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Dare - Rita Trehan, unleasing capacity book
Dare - unleasing capacity - unleasing capacity book; The Hidden Human Resources: Rita Trehan
Dare - Unleashing Capacity
Dare - Stake in the game: Rita Trehan

Stake In The Game

A company’s Human Resources department isn’t just about managing people. It’s about the most powerfully strategic yet untapped resource every business has – its employees. With a 360-degree view of the entire business, HR is the department most privy to – and able to transform – a company’s culture, focus, vision and capacity. According to the US Government, HR professionals account for 5.6 million individuals in the American workplace. In the UK, they’re 1% of the total workforce. Yet, no one pays any attention to HR and its capabilities until it’s broken, at which point it is too late. There has never been a more crucial moment where HR needs to transform and to operate with excellence. In the face of current political, financial and technological forces, HR is beginning to use sustainable transformation to disrupt the marketplace and tomorrow's workforce.

In her second book, Trehan provides an extensive study of the strength, prowess and power of capacity-driven strategy and the strategic upgrade of HR tools and thinking essential for any HR professional and corporate leader.

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Too Proud To Lead

An exclusive study of the rise and fall of the world's biggest industries, teams and leaders. Punctuated with award-winning research and practical solutions against the systemic hubris plaguing today's organizations, the authors reveal exactly how confidence can sour into overconfidence – and why it can happen to anyone.

Laying out the dangers of arrogant overconfidence for both individuals and organizations, Too Proud To Lead explores the economic and psychological costs of hubristic behaviour and argues for a new approach to leadership in order to avoid the pitfalls of hubris.

With this easily-absorbed book, packed with checklists and key insights, readers acquire the essential arsenal of tools for understanding, identifying, anticipating and coping with hubris, in both themselves and in the workplace, leading to better lives and sustained success for years to come. Too Proud To Lead guides readers on how to:

· Speak up when no one wants to listen;
· Challenge the status quo;
· Create open and transparent cultures that promote inclusivity;
· Foster positive recognition within an organization; and
· Remove hubris and harassment from their workplace and life.

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Dare - Too proud to lead: Rita Trehan